about us
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steve, troy and scott

Left to right: Steven Kemper, Troy Rogers, and Scott Barton with PAM

We are a group of composers seeking new modes of acoustic sound
generation. Our goal is to develop and compose for instruments that
maximize temporal, timbral, dynamic, and harmonic possibilities. This quest has led us to create robotic musical instruments.

Computer controlled mechanical instruments allow for the marriage
of extreme precision and the richness of acoustically generated sound. Robotic instruments take computer music out of its traditional black box and reunite sound generation with visible physical gestures. Thus our instruments exhibit a stage presence and theatricality absent from music produced by speakers alone.

Our work emphasizes:

• Creative vs. scientific research
• New compositions vs. reinterpretation of existing works
• Music that realizes machine potential vs. simulating human capabilities

We are located in Charlottesville, VA. We are all currently Ph.D. students at the University of Virginia in the McIntire Department of Music's Composition and Computer Technologies Program.